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The electrical control system installation
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The electrical control system installation

7.1 System composition and applicable scope

7.1.1 UN5-150ZB mobile flash welded rail rail vehicle control system composed by power ark and cabinet.

7.1.2 System layout: in order to meet the needs, system design, welding roller compact. In order to improve the control cabinet in the anti-interference ability, when the design will be welding power source design in the cabinet of the left side, will control part of the design in the cabinet with metal plate among.

7.1.3 Applicable scope: this control system suitable for 50Kg/m, 60Kg/m, 75Kg/m various materials rail flash butt welding.

7.1.4 Features: the main circuit adopts two groups of bta contnuous voltage power electronic devices, small volume, low noise and high etc; adjust respectively, Adopt double CPU control: the CPU to complete the relevant parameters from the CPU control and modify the welding process, the collection of related parameters, and according to the suitable for welding quality of rail flash a judgment criterion for evaluation of quality, complete rail test from the CPU welding current, voltage, the quantity of welding parameters such as flashing and according to the welding process of its control, Proportional reversing valve control welding machine with back into the constant value realization of welding current control, with fast response, strong anti-jamming capability, The welding current and welding voltage and flash in quantity, amount, hydraulic parameters, computer automatic data detection, automatic welding joints, and according to the quality assessment report to print.

7.2 System mainly work principles and components

7.2.1  Hardware system principle

The system hardware structure, system, as shown in figure 8 by welding current, voltage, displacement sensing system, oil, printer, the CPU, from the CPU, SCR control system, the sequential control system etc. Several parts of the CPU, provide good human-machine interface, can finish parameters and the welding is modified and information collection and storage, weld quality evaluation and statements, typing, etc. From the CPU control system of SCR and sequential control system, control of stabilizing pressure from the CPU and constant-current control structure, sequence diagram shown in figure 9.




Figure 8 control system overall structure



















Figure 9 UN5-150ZB mobile flash from the CPU control machine统示意图















7.2.2 Software system principle

At Windows2000 environment using VB6.0 by use of the monitoring system software is developed. VB6.0 by use of visualization is a kind of object oriented by way of an event-driven structured high-level programming language, it will be application design and commissioning editor, compilation and different stages closed together, form a complete set of flexible integrated development environment. It is to create the application with Windows style is simple and convenient tool for most.
























Figure 10 rail flash butt weld quality monitoring system

  Flash butt weld quality monitoring system

PD3 60kg/m rail flash butt weld quality monitoring system shown in figure 10). The system mainly consists of industrial computer, monitor, printer, keyboard and mouse, acquisition card, terminal board, transformer, sensor and signal disposal plate, etc. Computer through acquisition card will be the welding voltage u, welding current and I, hydraulic and the displacement of the mast, welding record S after completion of the data analysis and processing, and then gives joint qualified or not. If not qualified to the unqualified causes, achieve the purpose of quality control.


  The realization of the function of monitoring system

AHardware base













The computer data acquisition system consists of industrial control computer and data acquisition card, voltage transducer, current transformer, electric current transmitter and displacement sensor. Computer configuration: CPU: plug Yang, memory: 256M 1.6 GHz, with 80G hard; : Chinese Windows2000XP operating system. Acquisition card and the Taiwan company grinds the 1710 acquisition card, sampling frequency can reach 30KHz, eight difference (16 road one-port) A/D differential input, 32 otherwise digital I/O channels, the input channel, program-controlled automatic scanning from arbitrary channel, arbitrary channels ended. This system USES A/D input 0, 1, 2, 3, 4, and 5 6 channels. Computer through RS232 port (COM1) and the serial communication system and PLC form for welding parameters Settings and welding process of process control.

BThe software design

Software is Basic6.0 Visual tools in Chinese Windows2000XP operating system under development by the application. VB is a kind of object properties, events and method of visual programming, has the extremely easily, and master the characteristics of programming language, the application programming interface, 32-bit with Windows operating habits, friendly interface.

The main application interface is divided into three layers, one layer is welding preparation of content, the welding process is a layer of content, and that is when the display welding joint quality. According to the circumstances of each layer, use hide and display method that can easily control the content.

As the system program flowchart 11.

After the first program started running initialized, initialization completed the contents: initialization acquisition card, set about variables, the interface shown on the content location initialization. One initialization acquisition card number, including setting equipment, A/D start and end channel, and channel digital I/O channels, the A/D input mode (difference or single), sampling frequency, etc.

Computer through the communication with PLC automatic testing whether welding. If not, screen for welding of Numbers, and show head pressor transformer times edge voltage. After welding parameters, the computer that began with the collection, preservation through PLC automatic detection of PLC, internal data to determine whether the welding process to interrupt or has entered into the next phase of welding cycle. In the process of welding show content is the joint moments, beginning the welding welding long s, welding current and welding voltage u, I fixed columns, hydraulic and the displacement s subordinate phase etc. Welding If the welding interrupt or welding process has been completed, the data acquisition will stop immediately, the computer data processing and analysis, and the quality of the joint results show that on the screen. The results showed the screen will continue to move in this column, the screen will be changed when the content that without welding joints, and also will automatically add 1 Numbers of. The first data processing according to judge whether the welding current for no-load for no-load no-load current screen display, and show idle current is normal. If not, then according to the stage of welding no-load determine whether the welding process, if you are not complete, complete information directly, or according to the collection of data using the mathematical model of certain whether the final quality judgement.

The data collection procedures will be stored in a file, file a joint of the data, which is the joint Numbers, names of data for the later to prepare check, etc. Additional, still can make joint program, statements and reports, monthly report preview and printing, also can be in a single joint data graphic display and print.

The program is invoked. To call a second process will complete a task, main process are: data acquisition process, signal processing process, the graphic display process, report preview and process etc. Mark Such as: Datasave () is responsible for data acquisition and preservation, OK_NO () used for data processing and analysis, and then gives analysis results, Graph () for graphic display, it according to the collection of data will be reflected in welding process curve, The statements about () is used to print preview, into a single joint and daily and monthly statements and reports.

7.3 Installation instructions

Control and power ark adopts floor installation, cabinet bottom bolts with M10 fixed. And the welding power transformer connected by no less than TongXin cable connection, 95mm2 cabinet and generator (transformer connected cable length) less than 20 meters, cabinet and generator (transformer USES two phase of AC 380V connection.

Control power adopt ac frequency 50Hz three-phase four-wire system power supply, power supply capacity of not less than 50KVA, power cable USES is equal to or greater than the 3X15 + 1 TongXin cable connection.

In the bottom of the cabinet is installed with bolts, grounding 95mm2 not less than TongXin cable connected to ground.


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