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Chengdu, track railway engineering Co., LTD. Is a specialized in rail welding engineering construction and rail welding technology promotion application enterprise. Relying on in southwest jiaotong university the formidable scientific research technology strength, long-term commitment to rail welding engineering design and construction, rail welding technology promotion, rail welding equipment leasing and rail welding construction related materials sales. In the situation of the development of national railway big, can for railway industry units for technical support, dedicated to customer service.

We implement "talent thriving enterprise" strategy, condensed the rail welding field in for a long time engaged in design and development, technical services, project management and other kinds of professional talents; They have a solid track welding basic theoretical knowledge, and 10 years in rail welding with the actual working experience, for all the rail welding business provides reliable technical support, for creating the domestic first-class rail welding enterprises laid solid foundation; We implement "qiangqiang cooperation" policy, with the domestic and international rail welding equipment enterprise cooperation, and with the well-known domestic rail welding of construction team cooperation, timely and thoughtful for the rail welding engineering to provide modern rail welding equipment, for all types of construction to provide the powerful guarantee.
Since the company was founded, pay close attention to rail welding technology at home and abroad and the development trend of, has spent a lot of manpower and material resources, has advanced rail welding equipment and rail welding construction method, and has established a professional vast knowledge, actual combat experience, style of work rigorous professional rail welding construction team. Once successively in the qinghai-tibet railway seamless track, the new moon yellow drift, Shanghai metro line, Beijing subway, and wu special passenger line, and other high-speed railway and light rail seamless overloading the construction of subway lines, and win the customer's approval.
On a new round of development of national railway, the company as always adhere to the "customer first, quality first, service first" philosophy, and for the domestic and foreign customers to provide quality rail welding engineering construction and technical services.

Chengdu,Track railway engineering Co., LTD
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