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Hydraulic system installation and maintenance
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Hydraulic system installation and maintenance

Use, maintenance and servicing please note: hydraulic system for high pressure, danger!
Hydraulic system and stop work or not roof-floor not cut down the power when the ban on hydraulic system, maintenance and repair!

6.1            hydraulic system commissioning procedures
1.1.1 debugging before examination
① According to the principle of hydraulic system, assembly and pipe graph examination and confirmation by each hydraulic cylinder which branch of solenoid valve control.
② Electromagnetic valve separately, electrical no-load reversing correctly, flexible, accord with action. Order
③ Will the pumped tubing, the globe valve opens on oil pump export relief valve and relief system in all open, At the lowest pressure relief valve will position.
④ The flow control in small open position.
1.1.2 pump start-up
① Use hand pump and motor rotation, confirm the coupling between without interference and flexible rotation.
② Some dynamic motor, check whether the pump and motor to determine to agree, confirmation continuous at several times, there is no abnormal condition after the press of a button, hydraulic pump motor start work.
1.1.3 exhaust system
Start pump, the system pressure to 1.0 Mpa, respectively, make directional control electromagnetic valve hydraulic oil respectively to each branch circulation, can set the vent pipe on the gas discharge pipe, will, When the hydraulic oil for overflow vent, close. Hydraulic cylinder exhaust can be hydraulic cylinder piston rod out side of the exhaust valve opens, solenoid valve movements, piston movement, will air extrusion, rise to BDC and closed vent. Open another side vent, hydraulic cylinder, without rod downward from the air cavity, repeat the exhaust method, until the air exhaust hydraulic cylinder is clean.
1.1.4 load test
Hydraulic system began after the operation, should increase gradually, such as condition normal load, maximum load test. Maximum load test and inspection shall be promptly after the success of the system to work, whether normal pressure, noise, vibration, speed, temperature, checking, etc.
6.2            Hydraulic system maintenance.
6.2.1 hydraulic oil cleanness control
The hydraulic oil pollution in hydraulic system failure is the main reason. The oil pollution caused by fault components, total failure of system of 70% ~ 80%. The damage to equipment is serious.
Hydraulic system of pollutants in oil, to the system reliability and service of various substances harmful components. Basically has the following categories: solid particles, air, water, chemical, and microbial contaminant energy etc. Various sources of air pollutants in corresponding measures are necessary for the system to prevent the residual contaminant basically. The main pollutants generated by the oil filter process.
Pollution control measures:
● Ensure the effective sealing oil or tank, fuel oil from the oil from or to have to pass filtering device filtering.
● The oil to fuel injection, filtration, when used on regulations to be first cleaning.
● System without filtering may return oil tank.
● To prevent air into the system, especially the pump suction pipe into the system. In the suction pipe pressure zone or at the assurance tightness. All the pipe must be below the minimum liquid tank. Pump suction pipe should be low enough to prevent low liquid surface by vortex air pump when entering.
● To prevent the water cooler or other water leaking into the system.
● Make hydraulic system from high temperature heat isolation or.
● Regular sample analysis to determine the types of pollutants, what factors determine the need for pollutants strengthen control.
● Regular cleaning tank, thoroughly remove all remaining pollutants tank and regular cleaning of filters etc.
● Find more pollution regulations, system, in order to eliminate to ascertain the cause.
6.2.2 hydraulic system maintenance
● When the system pressure and downtime or not, not cut down the power to overhaul the system, prohibited to prevent casualty accidents.
● Maintenance site must be kept clean, remove elements or loosen before fitting the outer surface should remove dirt, repair process should be timely use clean all the guards troops genuflected exposure, prevent contaminants into system, are not allowed to access the burnish, construction and the welding operation.
● Repair or replacement components must be kept clean, do not have sand and dirt, welding slags, rinse in installation.
● Replace the seal, are not allowed to use the sharp tool, do not seal or bruise working surface.
● Remove and hydraulic components in the direction and disassembled parts, and keep order, shall not be lost, not its surface finishing bruise. When assembling components, components must be clean.
● When installing component, tight force to evenly, prevent deformation caused by proper valve, valve spool card dead or combine part leakage.
● Work within the liquid tank must be replaced or supplement, new oil by high-precision pais filtered into the tank. Must conform to the requirement of working liquid grades.
● Don't allow the diverter housing in energy storage and processing, the welding repair undeserved can cause serious accidents. If found to be timely repair factory.
● After repair, overhaul parts to confirm. And, according to the hydraulic system commissioning procedures adjustment, and the observation, the normal maintenance after confirmation, can put into operation.

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