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Safety precautions
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Safety precautions
Please pay attention to your safety, and others in the installation, commissioning and operation before please read carefully and understand this manual and the corresponding knowledge!
This equipment installation, commissioning, operation, maintenance and repair must be qualified professionals!
This equipment production standards according to GB/ T8118-1995《Arc welding general technical conditions》 requirements for the relevant terms
The welding equipment user's first task is safe to use in welding or equipment near anyone should abide by the work all relevant safety precautions!
Safety precautions must meet the requirements of equipment!
Carefully read and follow all safety standards.
Please don't be used for purposes other than welding machine!
In addition to providing job site operation regulations, shall comply with the following matters also advice!
All assignments must be received by specially trained personnel, these people should be familiar with the welding operation!
Error operating equipment can lead to dangerous situation, personal injury or damage equipment!
3.1 shock
Touch the electric parts can lead to fatal shock or severe burns. Welding is not correct installation and incorrect grounding are very dangerous and could cause shock.
3.1.1 Do not touch the live parts
3.1.2 Wear dry, no broken insulating gloves and appropriate protective clothing and protection device of the body
3.1.3 In the installation, maintenance, and repair welding power source; before cutting input
3.1.4 According to the instructions and equipment operation manual and countries, internal regulations, rules and properly installed equipment and reliable grounding,
3.1.5 Frequently check grounding cables and determine the input cable grounding cables shall be connected to the ground, or reliably grounded cable plug connection with,
3.1.6 When the input cable connection, should first and the conductor grounding and connection, check reliable connect,
3.1.7 Check whether the input cable has damaged or cable. If a damaged cable should be replaced immediately, bare cable can make people by shock,
3.1.8 Please don't use machine in the power cut off all devices,
3.1.9 If the workpiece needs grounding, please use separate cable directly to the ground,
3.1.10 Only use of welding equipment maintenance welder, if the component is damaged, please immediately repair or replace the damaged part. According to use manual maintenance equipment components.
3.1.11 Keep welding place on the surface of the ground or solid, safety,
3.2 Flash particles and noise
Flash granules can burn eyes and skin, noise can damage hearing.
3.2.1 If the noise level is very high, please use the qualified earplugs or ear cover for protection,
3.2.2 In welding or soldering, please observe with shading filter protection with protective mask of glass welding face and eyes to protect,
3.2.3 Wear safety protection of qualified glass eye,
3.2.4 Wear easily damaged long-sleeved clothes, protective gloves and apron, boots, etc, to protect clothing should protect clothing by refractory materials (such as leather, etc.).
3.3 Welding soot and poisonous gases
   During the welding process will produce a lot of smoke inhalation and toxic gases, the soot and experience is harmful to your health.
3.3.1 Keep away from the welding head, don't smoke inhalation welding soot,
3.3.2 In the welding, please use ventilated exhaust facilities, welding soot discharge and toxic gases,
3.3.3 If unable to adopt ventilation equipment, can use complies with the standards of breathing the air supply.
3.3.4 From the metal material safety data sheet or manufacturing factories in internal documentation reading about the metal materials, consumables, coating, detergents and detergent, may react with welding materials related knowledge,
3.4  cylinder
   After the damage will explode gas cylinders.
   Protecting gas cylinders filling the internal pressure is destroyed, and if the protecting gas cylinders will produce explosion. During the welding process gas cylinders should be placed in a safe place, and carefully deal with them.
3.4.1 Ensure the high pressure gas cylinders with mechanical vibration, high temperature, from slag, flame and place of arc,
3.4.2 Keep cylinders in an upright position, and will be fixed or use cylinders to prevent gas cylinders, or leaning down,
3.4.3 From the welding areas will cylinders or other electronic devices around move,
3.4.4 Don't in the cylinders or nearby welding, otherwise it will explode,
3.4.5 Use of gas cylinders with right protection, regulators, pressure gauges and accessories for protection shall be (design and the specific application of the cylinder, and maintain their) associated parts, keep these devices good condition,
3.4.6 When the door is opened QiPingFa protection should be avoided QiPingFa head and face the discharge gate,
3.4.7 When used in gas cylinders should be used, special protection will cover QiPingFa door place,
3.4.8 Carefully read and follow compressed gas cylinders and related equipment to protect the instructions.
3.5 welding
   Welding can cause fire and explosion.
   Flash welding sparks will rained down. The spark and scorching heat of the workpiece and can lead to burning fire and equipment. Electrode and metal welding cable connection accidental, etc, all can spark, overheating, explosions and fire. Before welding should pay attention to in check and ensure the safety work area.
3.5.1 To protect themselves and others from welding spatter and hot metal violations of danger,
3.5.2 In welding place near the pile flammable objects not,
3.5.3 Please just after welding joints near the flammable objects,
3.5.4 Flammable explosive materials will be removed from the welding spark at least 10 meters, welding spark contact less fuel. If the object cannot move, please use flame retardant cover cover flammable objects; reliable
3.5.5 Cable connections to ensure insulation, and reliable connect,
3.5.6 At any time without notice, the work site should be equipped with fire, fire fighting equipment or items once fire extinguishing fire immediately, be placed in with desirable place,
3.5.7 Welding or electrical equipment when first, fire extinguishing, then cut off power supply, water supply to cut off before the fire extinguishers, or bubble with powder fire extinguisher, dry sand or asbestos cloth extinguishing,
3.5.8 Wear resistance of refractories oil, protect clothing, such as leather gloves, long-sleeved clothes, working pants, tall canister boots and helmets.
3.6 Moving parts
   Moving parts, such as fan, gear, transmission parts can damage the operators such as hand or finger, hair and loose clothing around.
3.6.1 Welding work, be sure to make hands, hair, clothing and tools from fans, wire wheel etc rotating parts.
3.6.2 Operating personnel cannot wear comfortable clothes and ornaments, such as wear bracelet, shawls, these things may be safe.
3.6.3 Only qualified personnel and experienced staff to install and operate, welding repair and maintenance.
3.7 electromagnetic
   When the conductor in electric current through the local produce magnetic field (EMF), welding current and welding cable of the electromagnetic field surrounding and welder.
3.7.1 When a current electromagnetic machine for cardiac pacemaker action adverse effects. Use pacemakers, without the consent of the doctors used welding and welding near around workplaces,
3.7.2 When the welding exposure in the electromagnetic field, may cause unknown to healthy body,
3.7.3 Electromagnetic field may to some electronic equipment, should adopt appropriate preventive measures against,
3.7.4 Don't be wrapped around the body in welding cable,
3.8 Comprehensive prevention measures
3.8.1 In use process please comply with this manuals listed in the note.
3.8.2 In welding and welding place, prevent others around the unconscious.
3.8.3 Ensure welding cable safety connection. Feedback
3.8.4 This machine maintenance and inspection, repair please by qualified for welding or very aware.
3.8.5 The welding operation by understanding this, please manuals, safety operation of knowledge and skills.
3.8.6 Fire equipment must have distinct logo and conveniently.
3.8.7 In welding equipment operation period, the ban on equipment maintenance and lubrication.

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