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Maintenance instructions
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Maintenance instructions
To ensure the normal use of equipment, safety, and extend the service life of equipment, hope to do for equipment maintenance regularly, maintenance and repair.
● Inspection equipment of internal and external terminals, please turn off the power switch, cut off all the ark of air supply line, strictly charged maintenance. Please pay attention to safety, beware shock hurt!
● Equipment maintenance and overhaul and maintenance must be qualified professionals!
The welding machine with fault is strictly prohibited!!!
11.1 Welding head maintenance:
Electrode conductive direct impact on the quality of welding, and to prolong the using life and electrode in the welding head of welding work (or on), before welding electrode surface residual welding slag must be clean.
11.2  DAYS Maintenance
In daily work, after welding clamps should be carefully sweep electrode, and push on the residual tumor knife welding slag, completes the work site cleaning and checking of cooling water pipes and pipe.
11.3 Weekly maintenance
After a week in the welding work:
①         Cooling water discharge pipe welding should check whether meet the requirements,
②         The electrode, and the electrode welding slag clean around,
③         With over 100 # emery wheel (or use of the electrode surface polishing cleaning),
④         Check whether the tubing, cables, water pipes is broken, Whether the joint loose,
⑤              the hydraulic oil cooling, check whether need to supplement
11.4 monthly Maintenance
In January after welding work, should check whether the insulation good conductive axis, if there should be timely, insulation insulation treatment.
To control for removal.
11.5 No regular maintenance
In the daily production, if appear in three consecutive welding joints welded impedance higher than 110 micro, should stop to repair welding machine.
11.6 Annual maintenance
After a year in the welding machine, to work after maintenance:
①  Remove the flue, remove the flue dust; internal
②  Insulation of welding,
③  On the computer, on-line UPS power supply, remove dust enclosure, by compressed air

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