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Recruitment information

Due to business development are looking for the following positions, the interested persons please bring resume, education background, professional title, id original and photocopy to company for an interview. Note: must have a work unit to leave the proof.

Construction technician 12,
Job description: equipment operation, maintenance and maintenance
1, 20 to 40 years old, junior high school and above
2, electrical and mechanical, electrical, welding, material molding, mechanical or related majors
3, be familiar with mechanical relevant knowledge, can use all sorts of common measuring tool, has some of the communication and coordination skills.
4, will drive, the A and B class driver's license specialty relax appropriately
5, can bear hardships and stand hard work.
6, travel.
Business representative one (salary)

Job description: foreign bidding information collection, sorting, foreign business cooperation
1, 20-35 years old, college or above
2, English related field, familiar with mechanical and electronic, electrical appliances, welding, material molding, mechanical or related professional is preferred
3, with strong communication and coordination skills.
4, cet 4, skilled English dialog, fluent in foreign trade negotiations and data translation.
5, skilled OFFICE software, type English speed.
6, adapt to the business, sales experience is preferred.
Salary: trial period 1600-3000, turn to the formal contract to buy social security (rural account to buy the)
The company provides accommodation, New Year's day, the Mid-Autumn festival festival bonus extend benefits, etc
Interview address: new capital of chengdu of jiangsu district NaFeng avenue, number 494
Web site: NaFeng garden 530, 525 can reach, the city can take 512, 24 to 746, 747 to dafeng passenger stations etc
The telephone number: 028-66881129
Contact: LiangXiaoJie

Chengdu,Track railway engineering Co., LTD
Contact: tan manager 13018283886 Mr. Li 13808206735 phone: 028-66881129 fax: 028-66881129
Web site: www.trackwelding.com mailbox: trackwelding@163.com QQ: 294108383/1310581110 address: China. Chengdu NaFeng avenue, number 494