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Small and medium-sized enterprises of the three indispensable culture
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    Talk about enterprise culture of books and articles, books, is not. Especially for small and medium-sized enterprise, the enterprise shall establish cultural vision and values, mission, ideas, beliefs, and criteria such as cultural elements, it was made. An old thought, to formulate a similar expert, please. "what's the basic law, huawei, business enterprise culture. Next, put the enterprise culture, voluminous, powerful and unconstrained style of writing things come particularize, best can establish a handbook of culture. So these things, the enterprise can be folded, sit to say that he has "culture". Most of the time, the enterprise culture is the apotheosis ", ". Culture became the shrines of worship, need to take out of it, read it, don't need to worship, when the burner.
   For most of the development of small and medium-sized enterprises, and talk about enterprise culture on enterprise without any help enterprise culture, need go down, culture should not be the shrines of enterprise employees, but should be a pilgrimage to the staff every day in the practice of behavior. The corporate culture is the definition of a kind of enterprise culture is the enterprise staffs to things and do things behavior habits. The enterprise culture of small and medium-sized enterprises should be simple and effective, and is to define and regulating the behavior of all employees.
   Small and medium-sized enterprises should have what kind of enterprise culture? According to the characteristics of the enterprise, the boss, entrepreneurs, the enterprise is located, the environment is different, the different developing stages of the enterprise, the enterprise staff of different background, corporate culture, is because "and" the flowers,. Although vary, but also has many rules, the author summarized the experience of small and medium-sized enterprises and small and medium-sized enterprises should think of the three kinds of culture is indispensable.
   The first kind of culture is the customer satisfaction (the) first of all for market services, culture, all services in the market. Enterprise can survive because of the existence of a customer, the enterprise survival and development are constantly create customers and customer satisfaction. The reason is very simple. It emphasized. But in the enterprise internal egotistical, bureaucracy, and self-centered, shirk responsibility, disputes over trifles, irresponsible long-standing phenomenon is. These are the modern enterprise organization and framework, the inevitable problems, especially the development of the enterprise, the organization, personnel, these problems are more prominent, the more obvious. As one of the bacteria, both harmful bacteria have beneficial bacteria, healthy person is beneficial bacteria prevailed, and become the mainstream or remain balanced, sick man is broken balance, harmful bacteria. So long and arduous task is to build customer first, customer satisfaction of enterprise culture. Let the customer wants to keep in mind what employees, customers need, I can do what, how to achieve customer and exceed customer expectations.
   The second kind of culture is the speed of culture. The majority of small and medium-sized enterprises in market competition are relatively weak position, and the strong have greater distances and the gap. To become a first-class brand and enterprise, want to be in the market competition and strong bond, need to use speed, speed as support to scale. This requires all staff to market fast reaction, action, do it now, do right, well, it immediately, and the difference in high speed create the competition gradually after and beyond. Small and medium-sized enterprise most taboo is originally oneself is the rabbit, but the pace is as large enterprise general camels. Large enterprises like IBM similar to make elephants dance, let alone a rabbit without speed, still can survive and develop?
   The third culture is the innovation of culture. Small and medium-sized enterprises, lack of the relatively little that the relative resources shortage, boards, much more special. If the "to", only by bellerophon letter. Therefore, the small and medium-sized enterprises want to "not to walk road", the unusual keep is surprisingly, constantly innovation, innovation behavior to replace all sorts of inadequacy, gradually set up their own advantages in the competition, initiative, the accumulation of strength, eventually. Innovation is not difficult, should all have the innovation consciousness, innovation of enterprises are encouraged to innovation and atmosphere

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