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Surface and train operation of the friction between the wheels are the main reasons caused by rail wear, and in the small corner, ramps and speed change particularly serious.
   Such corrugated surface deformation and the rail rail wear the damage, the impact of the passenger comfort, increase the vibration and noise, produce safe hidden trouble. ChengQi limit for embedded rails, and the wheel wear can change the wheel and rail contact area, leading to the quality of the railway.
   Using manual polishing by welding equipment, rail rail rail, reduce heat surface worn or repair wear. Running surface gauge and can carry out welding heat edge, can be in the factory for new rail welding or have been installed in orbit rail welding surface treatment on site. If the bending smaller, new rail can advance in factories, bending radius of design, surface treatment, part of the track to spot again for installation. Once installed, processed rails may need to use the same method to surface processing and prolong the service life, can avoid costly repair work.
   Surface treatment using submerged arc welding process. Different surface (corrugated) and gauge edge (wear), different materials, thereby better effect. Fine polishing to use after welding quality requirements.

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